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DVD \ Section 25 \ So Far (An Audiovisual History 1980-85) DVD [LTMDVD 2429]

Blackpool group Section 25 recorded for Factory Records between 1979 and 1987. Initially mentored by Joy Division, their best known albums are Always Now from 1981, produced by Martin Hannett and housed in one of Peter Saville's most celebrated sleeve designs, and From The Hip from 1984, produced by Bernard Sumner of New Order, and featuring the classic electro single Looking From a Hilltop.

So Far gathers together rare live and studio footage from all stages of their career. The original post-punk trio are captured live at the ICA in London in June 1980, while the later five-piece electronic line-up were filmed at Minneapolis First Avenue in January 1985. In addition to these two complete concerts, extracts from shows at Chicago Metro (1985), Manchester Haçienda (1983 and 1984) and London Riverside (1984) are also included, as well as studio clips for tracks including Looking From a Hilltop.


1. Knew Noise (ICA)
2. After Image (ICA)
3. Number One (ICA)
4. Friendly Fires (ICA)
5. Girls Don't Count (ICA)
6. Untitled (ICA)
7. Charnel Ground (ICA)
8. Haunted (ICA)
9. Dirty Disco (ICA)
10. Not So Real (SSRU 1981)
11. Warhead (Haçienda 2/1983)
12. Looking From a Hilltop (video clip)
13. Beneath the Blade (Riverside 8/1984)
14. Inspiration (Riverside 8/1984)
15. Program for Light (Haçienda 9/1984)
16. backstage footage (Metro)
17. Hilltop Megamix (Metro)
18. Dirty Disco II (Metro)
19. The Process (Minneapolis)
20. Looking From a Hilltop (Minneapolis)
21. Prepare to Live (Minneapolis)
22. Crazy Wisdom (Minneapolis)
23. Beneath the Blade (Minneapolis)
24. Inspiration (Minneapolis)
25. Reflection (Minneapolis)
26. Program for Light (Minneapolis)
27. Dirty Disco II (Minneapolis)
28. Bad News Week Minneapolis)

So Far boasts a running time of 2 hours and 25 minutes. Region 0 (multi-region), NTSC format, with 5.1 sound. DVD available from LTM Mailorder at £12.00 per copy.

So Far DVD [LTMDVD 2429]


"So Far charts the development of one of the most unjustly overlooked Factory bands. The ICA footage from 1980 offers dense, urgent yet opaque music, while the electro material from Chicago and Minneapolis in 1985 is nothing less than hypnotic and points to the future. This DVD is one of the most welcome surprises all year" (Magic, 03/2005)