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Section 25 \ The Key of Dreams [LTMCD 2310]

An expanded edition of The Key of Dreams, the second studio album by Section 25, first released by Factory Benelux in 1982 as FBN 14.

This remaster includes the original album self-produced by the band at their own SSRU facility in Blackpool, plus singles The Beast, Sakura and Je Veux Ton Amour, as well as compilation track Hold Me.

Original artwork by Larry Cassidy. Liner notes in CD booklet. Digitally remastered from the original analogue master tapes.


1. Always Now
2. Visitation
3. Regions
4. The Wheel
5. No Abiding Place
6. Once Before
7. There Was a Time
8. Wretch
9. Sutra
10. The Beast
11. Sakura
12. Je Veux Ton Amour
13. Sakura (Matrixmix)
14. Hold Me

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The Key of Dreams [LTMCD 2310]
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"Featuring more improvisation than Always Now, The Key of Dreams sounds even more like it was made by people hellbent on escaping from themselves. Or is the album an elaborate experiment in pursuing disengagement to the point where the group might just grind to a halt? But like its predecessor, it's a record that defies criticism because you're never really sure of the intent behind its haunted dirges and strung out incantations" (The Wire, 06/2015)

"The Key of Dreams found them experimenting with electronics and tape edits, submerging an already bleak sound in even bleaker atmospherics" (Pitchfork, 2008)

"Some mesmerising trance vehicles, they sometimes spin off heart-stopping klanging harmonics pitched somewhere between Public Image and The Grateful Dead's Dark Star" (The Wire, 06/2002)

"Earmarked by an expansive tension that separated the ambient and minimalist Kraftwerkian elements of their music" (Q, 11/1991)

"Provided you are absolutely knackered or smashed, this record will make a lasting impression on you" (Vinyl Magazine, 07/1982)