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Crispy Ambulance \ Fin [LTMCD 2302]

Extended CD edition of this forceful live album by Crispy Ambulance, comprising live performances mix-desk recorded around Europe and the UK during the winter of 1981-1982. Most of this material was never recorded in the studio and captures the band at their most powerful and hypnotic.

The album closes with three bonus studio tracks, including both sides of the rare debut single on Aural Assault from 1980, as well as Black Death, the b-side of 1982 single Sexus on Factory Benelux. 70 minutes of music. Band biography in booklet plus live photos.


1. Rainforest Ritual
2. United
3. Choral
4. Green Shirt/White Shirt (Deaf)
5. Brutal
6. The Plateau Phase
7. Nightfall Ends the Ceasefire
8. Bardo Plane
9. At the Sounding of the Klaxon
10. Chill
11. I Talking/You Talking Pts. 1 + 2
12. Lucifer Rising
13. Black Death (Life Is Knife) (from FBN 16)
14. From the Cradle to the Grave (from AAR 001)
15. Four Minutes From the Frontline (from AAR 001)

Available on CD and digital (MP3 or FLAC). To order CD please first select correct shipping option (UK, Europe or Rest of World) and then click on Add To Cart button below cover image. Digital copies are delivered to customers via link sent by email.

Fin [LTMCD 2302]
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"Here was a band that had a vision all of its own without any help from the rest of the pack. Too bad this fine group ended up in the casualty ward" (NME, 09/1990)

"The instrumentals included here are some of the best jams this reviewer has ever heard, from a band retrospectively cordoned off into the English new wave scene" (Ear Magazine, 1990)

"Revealing a psychic bond with Mission of Burma, New Order and JG Ballard... a band that became really vital in many ways at their final hours" (The Blow Up, 02/2001)

"Powerful yet still mysterious in concert. The Plateau Phase is arguably the standout number, it's driving, rampaging post-punk power simply stunning" (All Music Guide)