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Crispy Ambulance \ Accessory After the Fact [LTMCD 2317]

Accessory After The Fact is a professional live recording of the band's first reunion gig in Manchester on 5 November 1999, staged at the legendary Band on the Wall, digitally recorded and mixed by Graham Massey (of Biting Tongues/808 State). A pristine and potent document of a unique event, with images in booklet.


1. Are You Ready?
2. Deaf
3. Come On
4. Federation
5. Travel Time
6. The Presence
7. Lucifer Rising
8. Choral
9. Nightfall Ends the Ceasefire
10. The Plateau Phase
11. United
12. Say Shake
13. Open, Gates of Fire
14. Sound Block

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Accessory After the Fact [LTMCD 2317]
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"The results are good: Alan Hempsall's vocals and Robert Davenport's guitar still sound of their time, while on songs such as The Presence and Deaf the tunes and playing still have the era's sense of power and menace" (Q Magazine, 08/2000)

"Touchstones in the Factory firmament... Crispy Ambulance mutate their angst into something much more redemptive, and often beautiful" (City Life, 07/2000)

"The Crispies certainly mastered chiming, hypnotic guitar lines, and for a bunch of old geezers the band still plays with muscle aplenty, investing each song with a passionate urgency that the crowd responds to with evident enthusiasm. Must have been a great night" (