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Ludus \ Pickpocket/Danger Came Smiling [LTMCD 2338]

This remastered CD and download collects together two Ludus albums from 1982, both originally released on pioneering Manchester imprint New Hormones. Pickpocket was a cassette-only release, while the largely improvised Danger Came Smiling represents the group's boldest and most avant-garde material.


1. Patient
2. The Fool
3. Hugo Blanco
4. Mutilate
5. Box
6. Mouthpiece
7. Foaming at the Bit
8. Howling Comique
9. You Open My Legs Like a Book
10. Flogging Cully
11. Mememoremee
12. Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality
13. I Stabbed at the Sheep
14. Mistresspiece
15. Bloody Chamber
16. Would You Rather Dancing Be
17. Wonder-Wounded
18. Savasana
19. Bitch Party
20. Modju
21. Palace of Thieves
22. Redress
23. Crinkum-Crankum
24. Centuries

CD features original artwork by Linder and extensive sleevenotes. Digitally remastered from the original tapes, with 71 minutes of music.

Pickpocket/Danger Came Smiling [LTMCD 2338]


"Evinces a wildly experimental fusion of visionary, progressive feminism, tangled, jazz-inspired art-rock jangle and vocal exploration that recalls Yoko Ono and, more often, maverick opera star Cathy Berberian" (Mojo, 12/2002)

"Rapidly advances through Devine's highlife-inspired guitar on songs like The Escape Artist through a liberating encounter with free jazz, towards an intermittent adandonment of sung words in favour of Linder's scat-phatic improvisations" (The Wire, 04/2006)

"A twofer of albums recorded in 1980 and 1981, that saw Linder confront the caveman attitudes towards women in rock which had survived punk. This she did in multiple, sarcastic vocals styles, against a tight but meandering backdrop of Beefheart/jazz-inflected guitar arrangements. Far from having dated, tracks like Herstory are as challenging to sexist and musical assumptions as they were decades ago" (eMusic, 11/2006)

"As with all guilty pleasures, every home should have at least one to chew on in private" (Glasgow Herald, 09/2002)

"Ludus are surely the art and architecture of Malevich, Tatlin and Duchamp given voice" (Careless Talk Costs Lives, 01/2003)

"Once more Ludus lead us through the burning hoops and maddening mazes of their free-expressive back garden" (NME, 10/1982)