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The Durutti Column \ Circuses and Bread [LTMCD 2510]

Circuses and Bread was originally released by Factory Benelux in April 1986, and features nine tracks written and performed by Vini Reilly, together with drummer Bruce Mitchell. This expanded edition also features nine bonus tracks, including compilation album tracks Verbier and The Aftermath, as well as five previously unreleased tracks from the cancelled 1983 album Short Stories For Pauline. The bonus cuts also include the rarely heard 1983 single I Get Along Without You Very Well, a Hoagy Carmichael cover sung by Lindsay Reade and dedicated to her former husband, the late Anthony H. Wilson. The booklet restores the original cover design by 8VO.

Full tracklist

1. Pauline
2. Tomorrow
3. Dance II
4. Hilary
5. Street Fight
6. Royal Infirmary
7. Black Horses
8. Dance I
9. Blind Elevator Girl (Osaka)
10. All That Love and Maths Can Do
11. I Get Along Without You Very Well
12. Verbier (For Patti)
13. The Aftermath
14. A Silence
15. Cocktail
16. Telephone Call
17. Mirror A
18. Mirror B


"Circuses and Bread finds Reilly again constructing layers of repetitive guitar figures with varying mixtures of other ingredients - drums, viola, piano, vocals, horns, sound effects - to help differentiate the tracks. In two groundbreaking tracks, Hilary is the loudest, most aggressive thing he has ever recorded, while Royal Infirmary, a sombre mood piece played on piano and punctuated by the sound of rifle fire, has no guitar at all" (Trouser Press)

"Accompanying single Tomnorrow is just fine, and like all the best Durutti Column weaves itself around the mind, slips in and out of the heart, and still has a sliver of edge to it that never really makes it 'easy' to listen to. Vini Reilly is a great man" (NME, 05/1986)

"A prevailing humanity pulses throughout this dry-run for the baroque, orchestral insularity of Without Mercy" (Plan B, 03/2008)

"On this 1985 set Reilly's attempts to break his trademark delicacy are little short of thrilling. Comes with a raft of extra tracks. Four stars" (Record Collector, 04/2008)

"Vini Relly produces a wistful sound amidst the experimentation, with Tomorrow and Blind Elevator Girl standing out" (SubCulture, 03/2008)

"Like many of the band's records from around this time, it covers a lot of ground, from intricately orchestrated instrumentals and delicate songs to more abstract tracks that must have been a huge influence on Disco Inferno and Bark Psychosis. The album is rounded out by ten worthwhile bonus tracks, half of which are previously unreleased" (Exclaim!, 09/2008)

Circuses & Bread [LTMCD 2510]