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The Durutti Column \ Lips That Would Kiss [LTMCD 2484]

Lips That Would Kiss collects key tracks and singles recorded for Factory Benelux, Les Disques du Crépuscule and Sordide Sentimental between 1980 and 1982. These include the pristine singles Lips That Would Kiss and Madeleine recorded with legendary producer Martin Hannett in 1980, and Danny b/w Enigma from the following year.

The remastered 75 minute CD also includes the rare 12" EP on Factory Benelux from 1982, Deux Triangles, several unique tracks recorded for Crépuscule compilation albums, and no less than nine tracks from the unreleased 1983 album Short Stories For Pauline, some of which feature Tuxedomoon man Blaine L. Reininger on violin.


1. La Douleur
2. Lips That Would Kiss
3. Madeleine
4. Danny
5. Enigma
6. The Sea Wall
7. Snowflakes
8. Little Horses of Tarquina
9. Experiment in Fifth
10. Take Some Time Out
11. At First Sight
12. Journeys By Vespa
13. Destroy She Said
14. The Square
15. Hommage a Martinu
16. Piece For an Ideal
17. Zinni
18. Favourite Painting
19. Piece For Out of Tune Grande Piano

Now available only available as MP3 download (CD is sold out). CD cover based on original 7" sleeve design for Lips That Would Kiss by artist Jean-François Octave.

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"A good starting point for the novice that makes a strong dent in the Column's impressive discography. The material is classic Durutti: soft, unobtrusive but intelligent music that functions as well as background ambiance as it does as the focus of attention"(Option, 1991)

"Reilly is on top form, matching his guitar against a variety of non-rock instruments like violas, harps and Bruce Mitchell's jazzy drums. Profoundly, deeply affecting" (Sounds, 04/1991)

"Early Reilly opted for a music of melancholia and poignancy, with cascading guitars over minimalist drum machine beats, but his classical style bore all the hallmarks of genius. And this is another damn fine Durutti Column record" (Select, 05/1991)

"A beautifully realised and essential amalgam of early 80s material, unadorned and quietly exploratory. Reilly at his most pure and impressionistic" (Plan B, 03/2008)

"Durutti Column were always one of the more palatable areas of the Factory back catalogue, and on this diligent reissue the magic remains. Lush sleevenotes also add colour and intrigue to a body of music that, as is Reilly's wont, is often nakedly personal" (Record Collector, 04/2008)

"Demonstrates beautifully the sound of a band trying new things, slowly evolving and becoming more confident, making for a surprisingly cohesive album" (Exclaim!, 09/2008)