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Thick Pigeon \ Miranda Dali + Singles [LTMCD 2381]

Miranda Dali is the second album by New York avant-pop duopoly Thick Pigeon, originally released by Les Disques du Crépuscule in 1991.

Once again a collaboration between songwriter/vocalist Stanton Miranda and arranger/producer Carter Burwell, the album offers up ten object lessons in oblique pop-art genius. Stand-out tracks include Riding, One and Wrong along with an unexpected cover of Maria McKee classic Breathe.

The ten bonus cuts include both minimalist Thick Pigeon singles released on Crépuscule between 1982 and 1983, Subway/Sudan and Tracy + Pansy/Dog, as well four rare compilation tracks, and unreleased remix single Jess + Bart produced by Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order. The closing acoustic version of Sudan features Arthur Russell on cello.

Cover art by Jean-Paul Goude.


1. Riding
2. Amerika
3. One
4. Breathe
5. Bird
6. Gerty
7. L.D.
8. Angels
9. Wrong
10. St. G.
11. Subway
12. Sudan
13. Tracy + Pansy
14. Dog
15. Jess + Bart
16. Silhouettes
17. Woodentop Talk
18. Jingle Bell Rock
19. Jess + Bart (mix)
20. Sudan (acoustic)

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Miranda Dali [LTMCD 2381]
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"Songs have been tightened up and the acoutrements of the first album ditched for a smoother sound. Extra track Woodentop Talk is a dispassionate take on eroticism if ever there was one" (The Wire, 04/2004)

"Art pop doesn't get much better than this. For a man used to scoring film music, Carter Burwell avoided big cinematic gestures; eerie minimalist electronica dominates whilst Miranda trills, whispers and - of course - sings her heart out like a particularly intelligent schoolgirl" (Leonard's Lair, 01/2004)

"Even when they wig out Thick Pigeon still enthral. This is something pretty close to a lost classic" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 03/2004)

"Oblique but more finished than the debut. It's sad that pop, unlike other media, is so scornful of this sort of talent" (Uncut, 06/2004)

"Miranda Dali is one of those great unclassifiable one-offs that come out of nowhere once every few years" (Melody Maker, 06/1991)