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Northern Picture Library \ Alaska + Love Song For The Dead Che [LTMCD 2436]

Northern Picture Library were formed by Bobby Wratten, Annemari Davies and Mark Dobson after The Field Mice split in 1991.

Less song-based and more dark and ambient than before, NPL drew influence from Talk Talk and Brian Eno, as well as the ambient/dance crossover. Melody maker described Alaska as "one of the debut albums of 1993", and its creators as "state of the art, post-ambient electropoppers who write some of the most beautiful songs in existence."

This remastered CD and download is completed by all three tracks from Love Song for the Dead Che, a companion EP recorded at the same sessions. Dead Che is a cover of the song originally recorded by the United States of America.


1. Untitled #1
2. Into the Ether
3. Catholic Easter Colours
4. Glitter Spheres
5. Insecure
6. Dreams and Stars and Sleep
7. Lucky
8. LSD Icing
9. Truly Madly Deeply
10. Isn't It Time You Faced the Truth?
11. Untitled #2
12. Skylight
13. Of Traffic and Ticking
14. Lucky (Reprise)
15. Monotone
16. Love Song for the Dead Che #1
17. Love Song for the Dead Che #2
18. The Way That Stars Die

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Alaska [LTMCD 2436]
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"The sense throughout is one of movement and texture, like being caught in a gentle wind or on an open but quiet train car. The gentle pop rush core at the heart of Wratten's work remains constant" (All Music Guide, 05/2005)

"Northern Picture Library's sole album draws a clear line under The Field Mice. Emotive songs are mixed with strange diversions and ambient interludes, the whole comparable to St Etienne, My Bloody Valentine and High Llamas" (Magic, 05/2005)

"NPL have a small but perfectly formed back catalogue, and on Alaska their melodic instincts often supply the finest moments. Lucky is warm, fragile, dub-like pop, Truly Madly Deeply a crestfallen piano ballad as tender, resigned and dignified as you like, while Catholic Easter Colours marries Wratten's twin obsessions - ambient/crossover and weepie indie songwriting" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 09/2005)

"Divine - one of the debut albums of 1993" (Melody Maker)

"Love Song for the Dead Che boasts a shuffling, cavernous beat, sepia-tinted cooing female vocals, weird samples - pretty delightful" (Melody Maker, 1993)