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Digital Dance \ Treatment [LTMCD 2498]

Treatment is a CD anthology by cult Belgian postpunk band Digital Dance. One of the first and best new wave bands in to emerge from the Brussels scene, Digital Dance formed in 1978 by singer/guitarist Jerry WX and guitarist Stephan Barbery. The group, which also included keyboard player Jean-Marc Lederman, released their first single on Disques Vogue in 1979, a cover of Radio-Activity by Kraftwerk.

Digital Dance recorded three more singles - Faulty, Treatment and Three Meanings - as well as a cassette album, along with another single under the name Jung. John Peel championed Faulty in the UK, and the band played several high profile live shows, including a residency at the Gibus Club in Paris, plus a support with Joy Division at Plan K in January 1980. Eventually Digital Dance split early in 1982. Various members subsequently played in groups as diverse as Fad Gadget, Marine, The Revenge, Kid Montana, Snowy Red, The Names and Ink.

The 75 minute CD includes detailed sleevenotes by Drita Kotaji (of Berntholer) as well as an assortment of period images and graphics.


1. Hospital Dance
2. All Those Words
3. Cleaned Mind/I'm So Shy
4. I Sleep On the Waves
5. Faulty
6. Computer Rock
7. Treatment
8. Bad Meeting
9. Human Zoo
10. No Reason
11. Sinking Tanker
12. Back From the Waves
13. Der Spiegelpalais
14. Three Meanings
15. Cruelty
16. The Night Suite (live)
17. Common Denominator (live)

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Treatment [LTMCD 2498]
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"Far too good to have been consigned to the vaults" (Boomkat, 11/2007)

"Never having released a full album or even an EP, Digital Dance's legacy was reduced to a cult connection thanks to their role as a pre-eminent post-punk touchstone for Belgium (the performances with Joy Division certainly didn't hurt). Treatment puts the band in a much better context, drawing from most of its four singles, a variety of demos, and a couple of live performances covering its period of active existence from 1979 to 1982. Given the band's shifting lineup around a central core of singer/musician Jerry WX and guitarist Stephan Barbery, Treatment is by default as much a fractured portrayal as it is a definitive one but heard all at once, the disc holds together very well, the only specific gap being the cover of Kraftwerk's Radioactivity which was their debut A-side. Thin as the recordings often sound, the band's music early on owed an obvious enough debt to Talking Heads' own initial efforts, but in a way that helped them beat plenty of other bands to the punch, since songs like All Those Words and Faulty could just as easily have been in the set lists of groups like the Feelies and the Embarrassment. Its A-sides are a wonderfully wry group of songs that have a well-produced freshness that holds up nearly thirty years on, with the nervy kick of I Sleep On the Waves and the spare funk of the title track as definite highlights of a strong catalog further expanded by good rarities such as Human Zoo and the lengthy, grinding but never unfocused live jam The Night Suite. Detailed liner notes covering the band's complicated history and a variety of photos flesh out the release, proof of another fine effort courtesy of the LTM label" (All Music Guide, 2007)