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Kid Montana \ Temperamental + Singles (2xCD) [LTMCD 2516]

An enhanced 2xCD anthology from Belgian synthpop duo Kid Montana, who recorded a string of acclaimed releases for Les Disques du Crépuscule between 1984 and 1987.

Kid Montana was initially the nom de guerre of Jean-Marc Lederman, formerly keyboard player with Digital Dance and Fad Gadget. After an experimental EP on Sandwich Records in 1982, Lederman spent time in London playing with The The and Gene Loves Jezebel, before recruiting American-born singer Dudley Kludt for the second Kid Montana EP, Revisiting Yalta, in 1984. The following year the duo signed with Crépuscule, going on release a run of sophisticated electro-pop records.

Temperamental + Singles combines the Temperamental album from 1986 with mini-album The Las Vegas Gold Rush as well as singles Revisiting Yalta, Spooky, Love May Be Blind and Still Colour Waiting. Featured producers include Marc Moulin and Dan Lacksman (of Telex) and Gilbert Lederman (Berntholer).

Digitally remastered, the 2 hour compilation also includes all tracks from rare debut EP Statistics Mean Nothing When You Get On The Wrong Plane from 1982, and three tracks from a final unreleased demo recorded in 1987. The CD further includes MPEG versions of the video clips for Still Color Waiting and Spooky, directed by Serge Bergli.

CD tracklist:

Disc 1

1. Still Color Waiting
2. Love and Trouble
3. Spooky
4. Caesar's Palace
5. The Nicest Guy On Earth
6. The Birthday Present
7. Bigg Little Man
8. She Never
9. Anywhere (Like the Moon)
10. Joey Came Home
11. Temperamental
12. History of Rock & Roll
13. Willow Weep For Me
14. Still Color Waiting (12" mix)
15. Spooky (Halloween Mix)
16. Still Color Waiting (video)
17. Spooky (video)

Disc 2

1. Smiling Faces
2. Tender Complications
3. Nights Like These
4. Elinor
5. No Crocodile Tears
6. Love May Be Blind
7. Finished Before It Starts (demo)
8. First & Last Time (demo)
9. Your Guess Is As Good As Mine (demo)
10. Revisiting Yalta
11. Armoured Car (Version)
12. Fitting the Screen
13. Today
14. The Last Cruise
15. La Passionara
16. Armoured Car

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Temperamental + Singles [LTMCD 2516]
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"An early electric throbmaster whose landing craft never hit the beach of fame and success, but LTM releases are essential and the sleevenotes are excellent" (Record Collector, 12/2008)

"Somewhere between a curio and a snapshot of a time and place, the two-disc Temperamental and Singles, a near-comprehensive overview of the work of Belgian/American duo Kid Montana, is the kind of detailed, celebratory reissue that will thrill any fans while making most other listeners wonder what the shouting was about to start with. Having begun as an initial solo side project for Digital Dance member Jean-Marc Lederman, Kid Montana turned into a full band with the addition of Dudley Klute in 1983, with the collection reaching from that year's Revisiting Yalta EP through 1987's "Still Color Waiting"/"Spooky" remix single, at which time Lederman focused his energy more on his work with the Weathermen. Seeing Kid Montana's work as a transitional step between the two bands is a bit of a reach (though songs like "Big Little Man" definitely lean more towards an aggro-industrial side); instead, Kid Montana's work feels more of a self-contained piece, exploring a synth-dance-rock realm that's perfectly of its time. Both Klute and Lederman bring a considerable range to the project - Klute's singing suggests fragile but passionate vocalists like Martyn Bates while Lederman's music touches on the elegant strain of indie pop familiar from acts like Antena and Tuxedomoon at their catchiest. At many points some strikingly elegant moments surface - the woodwind-synth and buried drums on the instrumental "Caesar's Palace" uncannily predicts where In the Nursery would soon end up, while "She Never" translates a melodramatic Phil Spector-like arrangement to a new decade with ease. But too many of the songs feel like pleasant exercises in sometimes exhausted forms - starting the album proper with the straining neon-lit bar funk of "Still Color Waiting" sets an unfortunate tone that the album doesn't quite escape, for instance. Still, the remastering and detail in presentation is another example of LTM's skill in this field, and rarely is the collection anything less than pleasantly listenable, if not truly stellar!" (All Music Guide, 2008)