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Some Marvels of Modern Science [LTMCD 2480]
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"The Diagram Brothers play an extraordinary, quirky, jerky brand of speedo funk, as if some Pavlovian behaviourist has got hold of The Gang of Four and started to do tricky experiments on them... Science before sentience, the didactic before the ecstatic seems to be the unusual anti-rock n' roll idea... SMOMS is an album of observations which are never dull, and of music which - in spite of being clinical - is never cold. I quite warm to this kind of off-beat fun and to the proof that the English eccentric spirit needn't necessarily take twee grown-up public schoolboy forms" (NME, 12/1981)

"If Devo came from Manchester they'd probably sound like this oddball quartet who, of course, aren't brothers at all. This 10-incher finds them singing lines like "How important is my dinner?" over sharp and jerky rhythms. Sounds silly? It is. Good though" (Record Mirror, 7-8/1982)

"Not easy to dance to. I tried and twisted my ankle, because the music kind of stops and starts" (The Leveller, 05/1981);

"An uneasy funk, in which two guitars appear to throttle each other" (Smash Hits, 04/1981)

"A great new pop band, Manchester's most potent contenders" (NME, 11/1980)

"Freakzone's featured album of the week!" (BBC6 Music, 2/2007)

"A dissonant, jagged, discordant form of Pavlovian post-punk not a million times dissimilar to their peers Gang of Four, Talking Heads and Dislocation Dance. Sweet" (Plan B, 03/2007)

"The Diagram Brothers were funny, slightly scary and like no-one else in the world. For this I loved them - their repertoire of bleakly downbeat observational songs inspired insane devotion" (Stuart Maconie, Cider With Roadies, 2004)

"No other band so effectively captured the feel of a time when, if one strayed from the mainstream, anything seemed possible. Excellent throughout - four stars" (Record Collector, 04/2007)