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Blaine L. Reininger \ Night Air 2 [LTMCD 2414]

Night Air 2 by Blaine L. Reininger is a companion album to his keynote 1984 set Night Air, a bittersweet meditation on life in exile in a hostile city.

Carefully selected from several albums recorded between 1989 and 1999, Night Air 2 captures many of the same moods, ranging from cinematic on Night Ride and expatriate angst on Invisible to modern electronica on Arc en Ciel.


1. Night Ride
2. Invisible
3. Silly Boy
4. Flame On
5. Al Haqq
6. Music Box
7. Bird On a Wire
8. Winter in Wien
9. La Tombée de la Nuit
10. Pere Lachaise
11. Night Street
12. Nocho Lluviosa
13. Ghosts of the Arbat
14. Arc en Ciel
15. Voice of the Hive

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Night Air 2 [LTMCD 2414]
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"Virtually a one-man band, he creates a panoramic spread of violin, viola, mandolin, keyboards, guitar and programmed beats. Europe After the Rains is particularly vivid; Night Street is a calm chamber piece, and Ghosts of the Arbat reels around the circus ring" (The Wire, 09/2004)

"These songs evoke the experience of walking across wet cobblestones slick with rain, ducking under awnings of sidewalk cafes and antiquarian bookstores, aimless and anonymous in an unfamiliar city at night. The songs switch freely between spoken-word beatnik recitations and refrains sung in English or French. Reininger is fascinated by noir expressionism, and his paranoid, cinematic atmospheres perfectly capture this zeitgeist. Night Air 2 displays an intelligence and elegance so rare in modern pop music that at first listen it seems entirely foreign, but is all the more welcome for it" (Brainwashed)

"Like the original Night Air, these songs evoke the sombre loneliness of a traveller half numbed, half thrilled by the ghosts of a continent much older, more self-protective and less welcoming than his native America. Reininger is a unique and prolific nomad of the soul" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 07/2004)

"A fine showcase for his abilities as a lush, often classically cinematic work" (All Music Guide, 10/2004)