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Quando Quango \ Love Tempo + Genius 12" [LTMS12 2370]

A 12-inch single from Factory dance pioneers Quando Quango, the seminal 80s electronic combo featuring Hillegonda 'Gonnie' Rietveld and Mike Pickering.

Formed in 1981 in Rotterdam, the duo relocated to Manchester in 1982 and went on to release four singles and an album, Pigs + Battleships. This 12-inch features three of their best known singles, mixed by legendary New York dance maestro Mark Kamins. Love Tempo (1983) was originally produced by Be Music/Dojo, reached #4 on the Billboard dance charts. Atom Rock (1984), here in the rare spacey US dub version, features guest guitar by Johnny Marr of The Smiths. Genius (1985) is the fly Latino party classic given a new lease of life on Andrew Weatherall's celebrated 9 O'Clock Drop compilation.

12" tracklist:

A1. Love Tempo (Kamins Mix)
B1. Genius
B2. Atom Rock (Kamins Dub Mix)

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Love Tempo / Genius [LTMS12 2370]
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The original mixes of Love Tempo and Atom Rock feature on the LTM compilation Cool As Ice , available on CD and 2xLP. The remastered Quando Quango album Pigs + Battleships is also available from Factory Benelux with bonus tracks.