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The Royal Family and the Poor \ In The Sea of E [BOUCD 6605]

This remastered edition of the third Royal Family album contains all tracks from the original vinyl edition released on Gaia Communications in 1986, as well as single b-sides and unreleased demo recordings.

CD booklet contains archive images and liner notes.


1. Living Light
2. Mr Crow
3. Song for Freedom
4. Gaia
5. Journey
6. Honesty
7. Creatura
8. No More Compromise
9. Wounded
10. When the Cat's Away
11. Time
12. Supersensualists
13. When the Shadow Falls
14. Behind the Veil
15. Solve et Coagula
16. Entertainment

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In The Sea Of E [BOUCD 6605]
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"Full of intricate, mystifying music" (The Cut, 09/1987)

"Their best effort to date. An excellent, if somewhat mysterious, album" (Option, 1987)

"Cold, dark and violent music" (Melody Maker, 09/1987)

"Another magic mixture of electro-pop ballads, unnerving ambience and intricate lyrical twists. Also includes some meditational chanting in the form of the twisted and beautiful Creatura" (Record Collector, 09/2003)

"Living Light finds Keane's knack for opening his albums with enduring pop gems happily intact, and it's when Keane strips away everything that isn't entirely necessary that he really scores. The four extra tracks also harbour further glints of genius" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 09/2003)

"Cold, dark and violent" (Melody Maker, 09/1987)