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Nyam Nyam \ Hope of Heaven + Singles [LTMCD 2575]

Hope of Heaven is the first and only album by Nyam Nyam. Formed in Hull in 1979 by Paul Trynka and Trevor Simpson, the band issued self-released single When We Can't Make Laughter Stay before attracting the attention of New Order bassist Peter Hook, who produced pulsing electro floor-filler Fate for Factory Benelux. Nyam Nyam then tweaked the interest of 4AD label boss Ivo Watts-Russell, although ultimately their album Hope of Heaven would appear on sister label Situation Two in 1984.

The following year the group issued one more EP, The Architect, before disbanding. Unjustly overlooked for three decades, their studio recordings are now collected on this remastered 18 track CD which also includes brand new track Doubt. The 16 page booklet features archive images and detailed sleeve notes from Paul Trynka, Trevor Simpson, Peter Hook and Vaughan Oliver.

Cover art by Vaughan Oliver (23 Envelope).


1. The Illuminated Ones
2. Fate
3. The Meeting
4. This Is the Place
5. You Need More
6. The House
7. Hope of Heaven
8. And To Hold
9. The Resolution
10. The Architect
11. The Last Place (Hope of Heaven)
12. Mining Different Seams
13. And To Hold (Version 2)
14. Untitled
15. Fate (12" version)
16. When We Can't Make Laughter Stay
17. Knowledge (Chapter II)
18. Doubt

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Hope of Heaven + Singles [LTMCD 2575]
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"Peel-endorsed stark menace and isolation - buried treasure" (Mojo, 01/2013)

"Difficult music probably created by difficult people, leaving you struck by how many classics (which never became classics) Nyam Nyam wrote. And To Hold sounds like a perfect John Cale-track, while Mining Different Seams is as splendid as anything by The The. If those aren't good references, then we don't know! And we even haven't mentioned This Is the Place, easily the best song Microdisney forgot to compose" (Peek-a-Boo, 03/2013)

"A beautiful rediscovery" (Westzeit, 12/2012)

"In the course of post-punk you also find bands like Nyam Nyam, musically more broad-minded and as open to outside influence as Pere Ubu or the Pop Group. Musically the songs mix post-punk and wave guitars with electronic treatments, a highlight such as Fate slightlt reminiscent of the Residents combined with the chiseled voice of Paul Trynka, heading in the same direction as a young David Byrne" (Ox, 2013)

"Forget those new gold dreams and bozo go-gos - what we have here, gentlemen, is a great white hope" (Sounds, 07/1984)

"Nyam Nyam carve sculptures that will eventually go down in history, from every note they touch" (Melody Maker, 04/1985)

"If this were to sell in huge quantities, pop music would never be the same again. Sadly it won't, and it will" (Melody Maker, 03/1985)

"Given the group's associations with figures and labels like Peter Hook, Factory, Vaughan Oliver and Situation 2 among others, it's little surprise that they have a quiet cult legacy among post-punk fanatics. An appreciation of dance approaches interpolated into grippingly energetic but still melancholy arrangements show more facets of a restlessly creative outfit" (All Music Guide, 11/2012)