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Les Disques du Crépuscule \ Ghosts of Christmas Past [LTMCD 2426]

Digital remaster of the celebrated leftfield Christmas album from Les Disques du Crépuscule, first released in December 1981 (TWI 058) with original Hennebert artwork and festive inserts. The original 11 tracks (all exclusive to this album) are now augmented by 9 more from subsequent editions.

CD tracklist:

1. Aztec Camera Hot Club of Christ
2. The Names Tokyo Twilight
3. Paul Haig Christiana
4. The Swinging Buildings Praying for a Cheaper Christmas
5. White Birds Possessed by the Stars
6. The Durutti Column One Christmas For Your Thoughts
7. Tuxedomoon Weinachtrap
8. Simon Topping Peep Show International
9. Thick Pigeon Silhouettes
10. Michael Nyman Cream or Christians
11. Magazzini Criminali Honolulu 25 Dicembre 1990
12. The French Impressionists Santa Baby
13. The Pale Fountains Benoit's Christmas
14. Antena Noelle a Hawai
15. The Arcadians Write Your Letter
16. Mikado Message de Noel
17. Paul Haig Scottish Christmas
18. The Durutti Column Snowflakes
19. Winston Tong The Twelve Days of Christmas
20. Hillcrest Club Breakfast at Christmas

CD is now SOLD OUT and has been replaced by TWI 158 CD on Les Disques du Crépuscule.

Ghosts Of Christmas Past [LTMCD 2426]


"Aztec Camera's Hot Club of Christ is a busy, Django-esque run through a few well-known Christmas ditties, while Michael Nyman's Cream or Christians is a silly but loveable fragmented organ collage in a typical English eccentric tradition. Elsewhere, A Certain Ratio's Simon Topping contributes a beaty, bongo-brassy little thing, which would have sounded a lot less formal had the likes of Rip Rig been let lose on it, Tuxedomoon are in playful Residential mood, while The Durutti Column's One Christmas For Your Thoughts is exactly what you'd expect, an exquisite, gentle instrumental operating on a level where factors of 'interest' and 'boredom' don't figure" (NME, 12/1981)

"Crepuscule's Christmas cracker is here to rescue the festive season from the fogies and bores" (Melody Maker, 12/1981)

"Awesome. An ideal stocking filler for your favourite followers of early 80s avant-garde and new wave" (Boomkat, 12/2007)