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Blaine L. Reininger \ Broken Fingers [LTMCD 2355]

Broken Fingers is Blaine L. Reininger's first solo album for Les Disques du Crépuscule, recorded in Brussels in February 1982 with assistance from fellow Tuxedomoon members Peter Principle and Steven Brown. The 5 bonus tracks on this digital remaster include both sides of non-album single Magnetic Life, and rare versions of solo Blaine songs performed by Tuxedomoon.

Original artwork by Saskia Lupini.


1. Broken Fingers
2. Nur Al Hajj
3. Magic Time
4. Petit Piece Chinoise
5. Right Mind
6. Greasy Gigolo
7. Spiny Doughboys
8. Sons of the Silent Age
9. Uptown
10. Les Nuages
11. Magnetic Life
12. Playin' Your Game
13. Birthday Song (Tuxedomoon demo 1983)
14. Nur Al Hajj (Tuxedomoon live 1988)
15. Broken Fingers (Tuxedomoon live 1982)

Available on download. LTM version of the CD is now sold out. New version now available from Les Disques du Crépuscule (TWI 068 CD)

Broken Fingers [LTMCD 2355]


"Moodily experimental. Reininger has the advantage of not only one of the most distinctive names in music, but an equally distinct and often fascinating career" (All Music Guide)

"Laughter or tears? I don't know. It's an unsettling record, but it works up a disturbance. Compared to most of these little records that makes it an absolute triumph" (NME, 09/1983)

"Resisting the temptation to go ape-shit with massed violins, Reininger has assembled a collection of deviously constructed songs. A jamboree bag" (Sounds, 10/1982)

"A revelation" (La Libre Belgique, 09/1984)

"Broken Fingers' juxtaposition of violin and electronics is ripe for re-evaluation" (Record Collector, 05/2003)