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Factory Benelux \ The Durutti Column \ Short Stories For Pauline [FBN 36]

Double disc remaster (2012) of the legendary long-lost fourth album by The Durutti Column, recorded in Brussels for Factory Benelux in 1983 with guest musicians including Blaine L. Reininger, Alain Lefebvre and Anne van den Troost. Shelved after Durutti manager Tony Wilson decided to expand Duet as an entire album (Without Mercy), FBN 36 was then shelved for three decades. In 2012 Factory Benelux issued a vinyl-only edition, limited to just 1000 copies, which is now sold out. Happily Short Stories is also now available on CD and download, with Live in Bruxelles as a bonus second disc on the CD edition.

Full tracklist:

Disc 1

1. At First Sight
2. Duet
3. College
4. Invitations
5. Destroy, She Said
6. Model
7. Journeys By Vespa
8. Take Some Time Out
9. A Silence
10. Mirror A
11. Cocktail
12. Telephone Call
13. Mirror B
14. A Room in Southport

Disc 2 (live)

1. Sketch for Dawn
2. Messidor
3. Jacqueline
4. Conduct
5. Sketch for Summer
6. Danny
7. Stains (Useless Body)
8. The Missing Boy
9. Self Portrait (Version)
10. For Belgian Friends
11. interview

Available on CD and download. Mailorder copies are delivered in a Factory Benelux slipcase.

Short Stories For Pauline [FBN 36]


"As always, it's largely instrumental; Duet formed the basis of the Without Mercy suite, while College boasts Reilly's trademark guitar chime. When they surface, Reilly's delightfully restrained vocals are a wonder, as on both Take Some Time Out and A Silence. With only 1,000 vinyl copies pressed, with stunning new artwork, it's a mercy that it's finally available' (Record Collector, 08/2012)

"Lost no longer, Short Stories finally stands proud with the rest of Reilly's work" (The Arts Desk, 09/2012)

"A gorgeous piece of work that further cements Vini Reilly's reputation as one of the shining lights not only of Factory's stable, but of the entire post-punk generation as a whole" (Other Music, 12/2012)

"A priceless addition to the Durutti canon" (Discussion magazine, 02/2013)

"Duet is here in its perfect, short simplistic form and survives - eventually - as one of Reilly's most evocative compositions. It is accompanied by the level beauties of A Room in Southport, and the sweet, intoxicating Cocktail. That the album remained lost for so long serves to highlight the postulating relationship between Vini Reilly and Factory label boss Tony Wilson, whose A+R interferences could sometimes seem cumbersome" (The Quietus, 04/2013)