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Blurt \ Blurt + Singles (LTMCD 2543)

This digitally remastered CD and download features the first (eponymous) studio album by Blurt, originally released in May 1982, together with tracks released on classic Blurt singles between 1980 and 1985, including extended funky workout Spill the Beans. The booklet includes detailed liner notes and archive images, while the disc runs for a full 79 minutes.

Full tracklist

1. My Mother Was a Friend of an Enemy of the People
2. Get
3. The Fish Needs a Bike
4. This Is My Royal Wedding Souvenir
5. Dog Save My Sole
6. Trees
7. Physical Fitness
8. Empty Vessels
9. Play the Game
10. The Ruminant Plinth
11. Arthur
12. Spill the Beans
13. The Ruminant Plinth (12" version)
14. White Line Fever
15. Sharks of Paradise
16. Nomads


'Blurt! Noise peferred to poise' (NME, 1982)

'Recorded live in the studio, the ragged guitar chords and Milton’s waiting vocals and sax playing still sound fresh and vital. Despite being linked to the no wave dance/funk of James Chance, Blurt now sound like early pioneers of the genrebending musical cavalry charge of John Zorn, the sonic torque of This Heat and – amazingly – Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time. Their debut album, also presented here, is chock-full of collapsed melody, compelling rhythm and sour candyfloss. An acquired taste that is well worth acquiring' (Record Collector, 01/2010)

'Blurt + Singles benefits in retrospect by being the type of thing that seems like it could have been written and recorded at any number of points over the last few decades. Milton's skronky/sleazy sax work had few immediate referencepints at the time, being neither straightforward bar-band parping nor crazed avant garde mayhem while his entertaining rambles and vocal riffs equally veered between singing and theatrical delivery. The seven-track self-titled album, originally released in 1982, showcases more of Blurt's instrumental side, with songs like Trees and the comparatively wordier The Ruminant Plinth taking longer than most of the band's previous studio work to let the trio, including original members Pete Creese and Jake Milton, explore more spare but relentless rhythms over which Milton makes some of his most extreme sax work' (AllMusic Guide, 2010)

Blurt + Singles