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Josef K \ Young & Stupid [LTMCD 2307]

Young & Stupid gathers together the run of classic Josef K singles recorded for the Absolute, Postcard and Crépuscule labels between 1979 and 1981. All flipsides are included, together with their fondly-remembered John Peel radio session from June 1981, plus early demo tracks and a live take of the last song written for the band by Paul Haig, Adoration.


1. Romance
2. Chance Meeting
3. Radio Drill Time
4. Crazy To Exist (Live)
5. It's Kinda Funny
6. Final Request
7. Sorry For Laughing
8. Revelation
9. Chance Meeting
10. Pictures Of Cindy
11. One Angle
12. Second Angle
13. The Missionary
14. Heart And Song
15. Applebush
16. Heaven Sent
17. Endless Soul
18. Radio Drill Time (demo)
19. Torn Mentor
20. Night Ritual
21. Adoration (live)


Young And Stupid [LTMCD 2307]