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Gina X Performance \ X-traordinaire [LTMCD 2453]

X-traordinaire is the second album from Gina X, originally released in September 1980 and now digitally remastered with 4 bonus tracks. Again produced by Zeus B. Held and Martin Homberg, the album features Strip Tease and singles Opposite Numbers and Do It Yourself, as well as four bonus tracks.


1. Strip Tease
2. Do It Yourself
3. Opposite Numbers
4. Cologne Intime
5. Weekend Twist
6. Nowhere Wolf
7. Vendor's Box
8. Ciao Caruso
9. Do It Yourself (7" edit)
10. Waiting
11. Kanal Banal
12. Hypnosis/Hypnose

Available on CD and download. CD booklet preserves the original artwork from the 1980 vinyl release as well as detailed liner notes. CD OUT OF STOCK


"The album is a beautifully sleek and feline creature that retains a clear relevance to today through acts like Goldfrapp, Ladytron and more mainstream 'pop' artists such as Scissor Sisters, with whom GXP share a common flirtation with provocatively sexual lyrics and gay/androgynous imagery. Musically we're in Berlin Bowie meets Chic meets Giorgio Moroder territory and it's a heady and provocative mix, particularly on the opening triptych of Striptease, Do It Yourself and Opposite Numbers. All three tracks sound fresh and wonderfully hedonistic with their evocative suggestion of fetishist decadence and liberated carnality in some dark underground Cologne club. X-traordinaire holds interest far beyond being merely a curio from the dawn of electronica, thanks to its rich and glossy production and the sophisticated multi-layering of electro-beats and melodic rhythms" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 06/2005)

"Disco for the intellect, a new medium that's rich with style and provocation. Sexual sophistication, erudition, hipness and cosmopolitan lifestyle" (NME, 08/1980)

"Gina Kikoine's voice is spectral, witchy and quite compelling. Beneath the disingenuous Euro-disco surface there's a lot to absorb" (Melody Maker, 08/1980)