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Boutique \ The Royal Family and the Poor \ We Love the Moon [BOUCD 6611]

Remastered edition of Mike Keane's second Factory album from 1986 (Fact 140). Bonus tracks include rare compilation cuts (Dogstar), the Factory 7" picture disc, and the three tracks from the 12" Art on 45, issued on Factory (Fac 43) in 1981.


1. Visions
2. Sex Goddess
3. White Stains
4. Living Room Alchemy
5. Transparent
6. Pagan Way
7. Heartbeat
8. We Love the Moon
9. Conspire (To Breathe Together)
10. Dogstar
11. We Love the Moon (7" version)
12. Something Someone (live)
13. Dream Dominion
14. Art on 45

Available on CD and download.

We Love the Moon [BOUCD 6611]


"An altogether more cohesive and structured affair than its predecessor, while offering the same mix of electro-acoustic ballads and rhythmic industrial noise. Now we have a chance to re-evaluate the work of a man and a band whose occult tendancies and deeply personal music have kept them all but hidden from the public for far too long" (Record Collector, 09/2003)

"Arguably his most linear pop album, if we're to stretch a point. Elegant, melancholy pop scarcely comes better than Visions, and while it's hardly a blueprint for what follows there are several other tremendous things here. White Stains is hypnotic, whip-crack funk, while Sex Goddess is a manic headfuck" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 09/2003)

"With its robo-funk bassline and aluminum-siding percussion, Fac 43 was right in line with peers like PiL and Gang of Four" (eMusic, 09/2006)