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Tunnelvision \ Watching the Hydroplanes [LTMCD 2409]

This 2005 remaster (CD and download) features all studio recordings made by Tunnelvision between 1980 and 1981, including both sides of the Factory 7" single (Fac 39) produced by Martin Hannett. In addition there are eight studio demos recorded at Cargo Studio in Rochdale, the second of these mixed by Peter Hook of New Order.


1. Watching the Hydroplanes (Fac 39)
2. Morbid Fear (Fac 39)
3. The Man Who Would Be King
4. 100 Men
5. Guessing the Way
6. Whitened Sepulchre
7. Old Comrades
8. Glenn Miller
9. Morbid Fear
10. Watching the Hydroplanes
11. 100 Men
12. Guessing the Way
13. The Man Who Would Be King
14. Whitened Sepulchre
15. Watching the Hydroplanes (Portastudio version)

Detailed sleevenotes, artwork based on the original Fac 39 sleeve design by Martyn Atkins.

Watching The Hydroplanes [LTMCD 2409]


"The title track is a hypnotic blend of lost-somewhere vocals, steady rhythm, and a calm but persistent guitar line, while Old Comrades sounds like it would have been a better single choice than Morbid Fear. Liner notes up to the usual high standard" (All Music Guide, 10/2005)

"No one could accuse Tunnelvision of being over-achievers: the group released just one single over the course of their career, the ethereal gem that gives this compilation its title. But as legacies go, it's hardly a bad one" (eMusic, 09/2006)