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Gina X Performance Voyeur [LTMCD 2447]

Again produced by Zeus B. Held and Martin Homberg, the third Gina X album originally appeared in 1981 but was quickly deleted. Arguably their most consistent long-player, and the most controversial, standout tracks include IC Code, Babylon Generation and Hypnosis. The four bonus tracks include a Psychonauts remix of No G.D.M. from the International DeeJay Gigolos label, two extended dub versions of No G.D.M. and Nice Mover by producer Steve D'Agostino, and the rare 12" mix of Gainsbourg cover Harley Davidson.


1. IC Code
2. Horror Vacui
3. Babylon Generation
4. Kaddish
5. Video Dragueur
6. Hypnosis/Hypnose
7. Pederast Dissection
8. Hom Intern
9. Kiruna
10. No G.D.M. (Psychonauts Mix)
11. No G.D.M. (Lo Voltage Dub Mix)
12. Nice Mover (Lo Voltage Dub Mix)
13. Harley Davidson (100 MPH Mix)

CD and download features 13 digitally remastered tracks. The booklet preserves the original artwork from the 1981 album release as well as a detailed artist biography.

Voyeur [LTMCD 2447]


"Voyeur was a radical response to the more straightforward synth-pop direction of the first two Gina X albums, and is an enjoyable model of innovative club music that feels even more relevant now than ever. And tacked on to the end are some cool new remixes" (Exclaim!, 12/2005)