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Severed Heads \ Viva! Heads! [LTMCD 2464]

Viva! Heads! is a live album by Severed Heads, the Australian electro pioneers who've recorded some ten studio albums since 1979. The set was digitally recorded at various live performances between 1998 and 2005, chiefly in Europe and Australia. Seamlessly edited by chief Head Tom Ellard, the music ranges from techno to electronica and modern composition (with a beat). Unusually for a live album crowd noise had been entirely removed, so that Viva! Heads! also works as a mix CD. Stand-out tracks include Greater Reward, Dead Eyes Opened and The Ant Can See Legs.

Says Tom Ellard: "We've taken the old tunes and renewed them - true to our past but relevant to new listeners. It's a compilation but kicks way above that - live versions known to please, spanning seven big years of festivals and nightclubs. Trust it!"


1. The Ant Can See Legs
2. Dead Eyes Opened
3. Greater Reward
4. The Song of Sam
5. Anti Intellectual
6. Someone Who Doesn't Need Their Organs Anymore
7. Choose Evil
8. 2000 Freedoms Remain
9. Your Eyes Are Getting Bleepy
10. The Discovery of Christian Science
11. Book Burner
12. Formal Choices
13. Go

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Viva! Heads! [LTMCD 2464]
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"Severed Heads are legends in electronic music, and most of the tracks here are new or from the more recent releases. Greater Reward and Dead Eyes Opened are excellent classic tracks that still sound strong; other wonderful cuts include Choose Evil, Your Eyes Are Getting Bleepy and The Ant Can See Legs" (thetripwire, 01/2007)

"While crowd-pleasing favourites Dead Eyes Opened and Greater Reward certainly make appearances, the tracklisting takes in a diverse cross-section of Ellard's post-major label output, meaning that Viva! Heads! represents the perfect primer compilation for anyone unaware that Sevs continued to release albums post-Gigapus. As well as featuring tracks from Haul Ass and Op 1.2, the tracklisting also manages to pack in a suitably twisted remix of Your Kidneys from last year's Illustrated Family Doctor soundtrack, and even a handful of tracks previously released under Ellard?s Cok*La*Coma alias. In many ways Ellard's openly-expressed ambivalence towards his commercially successful early 90s electro-pop period comes across as curious in the light of the fact that it's clearly left an indelible imprint upon his later work, as this retrospective collection neatly illustrates" (Cyclic Defrost, 11/2006)