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Foreign Press \ The Whole Story (2CD) [LTMCD 2529]

The Whole Story is the first CD release by Foreign Press, the Manchester post-punk group active between 1979 and 1988. After early gigs at legendary clubs such as Rafters, Devilles and the Factory/Russell, the band recruited Joy Division manager Rob Gretton to produce their first single, Downpour, in 1979.

After a second single (Climbing) in 1981, Foreign Press opted to pursue a more commercial direction. The result was anthemic electro single The Great Divide, produced by Bernard Sumner (New Order) and Donald Johnson (A Certain Ratio), and released in 1983. Despite management muscle from the team behind Wham! and the release of a second pop single, the group failed to crack the charts, and after later demos for an album (again produced by Donald Johnson) finally split in 1988. Nevertheless, during their decade together Foreign Press recorded a wealth of material, much of it released here for the first time.

Full tracklist:

1. Downpour
2. Crossfire
3. Behind the Glass
4. The TV Flickers
5. Is This For Real?
6. Heart Of Hearts
7. Climbing
8. Remember You
9. Open Secret
10. Every Day's the Same
11. Another Lifetime
12. Can You Hear Me?
13. The Great Divide (12")
14. Love In A Strange Place
15. The Great Divide (Dance Mix)
16. Your Last Chance
17. The Spell
18. More Than A Gift

1. The Whole Story
2. Don't Make Me Stop
3. Love In Motion
4. It's A Miracle
5. The Summer Of Love
6. Pray Little Girl
7. Hurt Street
8. Rhythm Of Your Heartbeat
9. Further Away From God
10. Break Down These Walls
11. If I Stop Loving You
12. For You
13. International
14. Everything You Say Is True
15. Remember You (version)
16. More Than A Gift (version)
17. Hurt Street (version)

Digitally remastered, this 35 track double disc set (and download) features all tracks from all four singles, as well as previously unreleased demo and session tracks. The booklet includes archive images and liner notes by singer Ralph Bowe.

The Whole Story [LTMCD 2529]


"Foreign Press are Manchester's brightest brand new loved ones. Their music is choppy, spiralling, edgy and well rinsed with guitars; they're like a well-cushioned Joy Division. Joy Division's flamboyant manager Rob Gretton in fact shares production chores with the group. Although Foreign Press stop short of achieving the channelled psychotic blitzkreig thrust of the very great Division, they manage a fluctuating, fortified sort of '79 psychedelia that makes them A Group To Look Out For. Foreign Press make good patterns" (Paul Morley, NME, 06/1979)

"Light guitar like the psychedelic shadows, penetrating over the top, subverting my brain. It's great" (City Fun, 06/1979)

"If Foreign Press never fully made a mark, then they still had a little something to offer to dedicated listeners then and now" (Allmusic Guide, 07/2009)