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Boutique \ The Royal Family and the Poor \ The Temple of the 13th Tribe [BOUCD 6608]

Digital remaster of the first Factory album from 1984 (Fact 95), produced by Peter Hook of New Order. Extras include all tracks from the Factory Quartet compilation (Fac 24), produced by Martin Hannett.


1. I Love You (Restrained in a Moment)
2. Voices
3. Moonfish is Here
4. Dark and Light
5. Radio Egypt
6. Discipline
7. The Dawn Song
8. Ritual 1
9. Power of Will
10. Motherland
11. Transparent
12. No Title
13. Dirge #1
14. Vaneigem Mix
15. Dirge #2
16. Death Factory
17. Dirge #3
18. Rackets

Available on CD and download.

The Temple of the 13th Tribe [BOUCD 6608]


"Numerous exceptional moments" (Sounds, 11/1984)

"Delicate and understated" (Melody Maker, 02/1985)

"A many splendoured thing" (Breakout, 02/1985)

"The group who first forged that vital link between post-punk and hip-hop, as early as 1981" (The Catalogue, 03/1986)

"Insular and dark, but there are rich rewards to be had. Keane is most impressive form on Voices, Moonfish Is Here and Radio Egypt, each one an outstanding cut of nightmarish, post-punk brilliance" (Leonard's Lair, 07/2003)

"A fine entry point for the previously uninitiated. The majority of the Hook produced tracks veer towards a relatively commercial electro-pop pulse, not surprisingly akin to New Order" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 07/2003)

A sinister album full of dark, industrial sounds. Clearly the work of a driven, troubled and deeply spiritual songwriter" (Record Collector, 09/2003)