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Biting Tongues \ Recharge [LTMCD 2376]

Recharge is the Tongue's legendary last, lost album recorded in late 1988, by which time the band had scaled down to a duo of Graham Massey and Howard Walmsley. At the same time and place, Massey was also recording the second 808 State album Quadrastate, resulting in a degree of overlap. Yet whereas Pacific State went on to conquer the charts, the adventurous dance and electronica cut for Recharge found itself out of step with early club culture, despite having all the DNA of a future about to be unravelled. Sadly in 1989 the project ran into the sand at the test pressing stage when label Cut Deep ceased trading.

Says Massey: "White labels of Recharge circulated for years as the holy grail of fans of early 808, due to the fact that it was recorded in the same sessions as Quadrastate. If it wasn't for Howard leaving his soprano sax in the studio overnight, Pacific State might have been another story..."


1. Double Gold St Paul
2. Recharge
3. Love Out
4. Neckwork
5. Increase
6. Take the Back Right Off
7. One Angel
8. Surrender
9. Love Out (Brainwash Mix)

Liner notes in booklet.

Recharge [LTMCD 2376]


"A prototype for 808 State" (Uncut, 11/2003)

"An interesting historical addition to their ouevre. Much of the Tongues' cult reputation revolves around the idea that they presaged the electronica of Aphex Twin, Autechre et al" (The Wire, 03/2004)

"Blueprints outlined for 808 State" (Brainwashed, 05/2003)