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Revenge \ One True Passion V2.0 [LTMCD 2375]

Deluxe 2xCD reissue of the sole album by Revenge, the electro/hard rock hybrid fronted by New Order bass player Peter Hook between 1989 and 1992. Following the release of Technique in 1989, the four members of New Order spent time apart to pursue other ventures. Always intended as a proper band rather than a solo project, Hook was joined in Revenge by Chris Jones and Dave Hicks, and later by David Potts, who would remain with Hook as part of Monaco five years later.

One True Passion was originally released by Factory Records in June 1990 and spawned a trio of singles: 7 Reasons, Pineapple Face and Slave. Given free reign to indulge Hook's leather-trousered rockist instincts, the material welded hard rock to dance beats, with a lyrical focus on sin and redemption. The artwork was just as contradictory, combining sleek Peter Saville typography with softcore imagery by Suze Randall. The band toured like bastards, and in January 1992 delivered the excellent ep Gun World Porn, which offered a more laid back, intimate feel.

Deleted after the collapse of Factory in late 1992, One True Passion has now been extensively reconfigured by Peter Hook, and includes new recordings of the late period unreleased tracks The Wilding and Televive.

The set comes with a full-length bonus disc, Be Careful What You Wish For, featuring lots of rare remixes and unreleased songs in demo form. All 33 tracks, running to nearly two and a half hours of music, have been carefully digitally remastered.


Disc 1

1. Televive
2. The Wilding
3. Deadbeat
4. State of Shock
5. Little Pig
6. Cloud 9
7. Jesus, I Love You
8. Pineapple Face
9. Big Bang
10. Slave
11. 14K
12. Bleachman
13. Surf Nazi
14. 7 Reasons (demo)
15. Amsterdam
16. It's Quiet

Disc 2

1. Underworld
2. Dead Beat (Gary Clail Dub)
3. State of Shock (US Edit)
4. Pineapple Face's Big Day (US Remix)
5. The Trouble With Girls
6. Wende
7. Slave (Bonus Beats)
8. I'm Not Your Slave (US Remix)
9. Hot Nights/Cool City
10. Surf Bass
11. Bleach Boy
12. Soul
13. Kiss the Chrome
14. Fag Hag
15. Precious Moments
16. Pumpkin

Booklet includes sleevenotes by Joy Division/New Order biographer Claude Flowers, and a new, candid interview with Peter Hook on the background to the band.

One True Passion V2.0 [LTMCD 2375]


"Truth is, Hook's DNA (shared with Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert) prevents him from creating anything that's less than gorgeously dolorous, while those bowels-of-heaven bass lines here underpin two hours' worth of mournful melodies and Hook's lyrical declamations of despair and self-doubt" (Uncut, 03/2004)

"The best moments here are The Wilding and Televive, new recordings of unreleased tracks from the period, which now open the album" (Q Magazine, 04/2004)

"CD1 contains the cream. While Hooky is certainly no Ian Curtis, he's still heartfelt and distinctive on his own, and much of what follows lays claim to the fact that Revenge were a truly underated band. A well-rounded portrait of his first 'other band' and one whose memory ought to be recalled with rather more revence" (Whisperin' and Hollerin', 03/2004)

"Mr Hook! With your Revenge b-side 14K you are spoiling us!" (Q Magazine, 11/2001)