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The Royal Family and the Poor \ North-West Soul [BOUCD 6607]

The twelve bittersweet songs on North-West Soul reflect the dreams and aspirations songwriter Mike Keane struggled to realize in inner city Toxteth between 2000 and 2004.

Never easy to categorize, his music touches on ballads (Leaves in the Wind, Sweeter Than the Day), dark electronica (Nocturne, Midnight Symphony) and lighter electropop (Falling, Long Time Coming). Self-produced, the album runs for 70 minutes and features artwork conceived by Mike.

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1. Falling
2. Sick Sad World
3. Wandering
4. Ratio
5. Long Time Coming
6. Midnight Symphony II
7. Sweeter Than the Day
8. Tell-Tale Heart
9. Hymn to the Night (The Dark Gift)
10. Leaves in the Wind
11. Sol Sonic
12. You + Me
13. Starfire

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North-West Soul [BOUCD 6607
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"Mighty fine results" (All Music Guide, 06/2004)

"A return to form for Liverpool's most elegiac son" (Leonard's Lair, 05/2004)

"Open, and far more direct than on any of his previous outings. A brave, broody and isolated album, rich in affecting, nocturnal pop and almost unbearably honest soul-mining" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 06/2004

"Keane crafts his arrangements with care and intelligence, parlating any indulgences and leaving us with dark and compelling songs. As fresh and passionate as ever" (The Big Takeover, 09/2004)