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The Room \ No Dream [LTMCD 2369]

No Dream is a Best Of compilation spanning the band's entire career, collecting singles, choice album cuts and unreleased demo tracks from their final studio session. From the monochrome post-punk of debut single Motion to the rich textures of In Evil Hour, even a cursory listen reveals The Room as a hugely underrated band. Liner notes from singer and chief songwriter Dave Jackson.


1. Motion
2. In Sickeness and In Health
3. Bated Breath
4. Things Have Learnt To Walk That Ought To Crawl
5. No Dream
6. Hate Haze
7. 100 Years
8. Never (demo)
9. The Ride
10. A Shirt of Fire
11. Whirlpool
12. Jackpot Jack
13. Crying Red
14. Calloused Hands
15. Here Comes the Floor (demo)
16. The Storm (demo)
17. Untitled (demo)
18. Jeremiah (demo)

Available on CD and download.

No Dream [LTMCD 2369]


"Dave Jackson had a winning way with a surrepticious pop anthem and is an intelligent lyricist. The best song, Jackpot Jack, is a spleen-venting distillation of the soul-selling The Room were never in a position to emulate. Four stars" (Q Magazine, 07/2004)

"An unmissable compilation. In Evil Hour is a classic lost album, but I could love them forever on the basis on No Dream alone" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 5/2004)

"Around In Evil Hour the band came into their own. Whirlpool pre-dates Terry Bickers' work with the House of Love with its swirling guitar patterns. Jackpot Jack is a satirical and brilliant slice of indie pop, whilst Never, 100 Years and Crying Red inhabit a happy medium between Lloyd Cole's doleful rock and the enduring melancholic pop of The Wake. Sadly the band split at the peak of its powers, but this compilation gives a pleasing tribute" (Leonard's Lair, 04/2004)

"A wonderful group - dark, exciting and super edgy post-punk" (The Big Takeover, 09/2004)