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Anna Domino \ Mysteries of America / Colouring In the Edge & the Outline [LTMCD 2410]

Mysteries of America was first issued in 1990 and features eight original songs by Anna Domino and Michel Delory, as well as a haunting cover of Isn't That So by Jesse Winchester. More acoustic than previous Anna Domino records, the album was recorded in New York and Brussels, with production by Anton Sanko (Suzanne Vega).

In addition this expanded edition also features the six track mini-album Colouring In the Edge and the Outline. Released by Les Disques du Crépuscule in 1988, this set experiments with a more electronic, sequenced sound. The final bonus cut is a previously unreleased collaboration from 1987, an experimental cover of Stand Apart by The Hood.

Cover art by Benoît Hennebert. CD booklet contains liner notes.


1. Home
2. Pandora
3. Paris
4. Bonds of Love
5. Isn't That So
6. Tamper With Time
7. Bead/9.15
8. "Oh Beautiful..."
9. Dust
10. Luck
11. Clouds of Joy
12. Tyranny (Of Your Company)
13. 88
14. Perfect Day (No He Says)
15. Always Always
16. Stand Apart

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Mysteries Of America [LTMCD 2410]
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"This is one daydream from which you shouldn't awake" (NME, 01/1991)

"An album to be relished" (Melody Maker, 01/1991)

"Repeated listenings draw out some fines tunes. Home is a classic, while Bonds of Love evokes the pure vision of Paul Brady's best albums. Every song has a fresh take, and none has a false note" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 09/2004)