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Stockholm Monsters \ The Last One Back (Archive 1980-1987) [LTMCD 2335]

A fascinating and comprehensive collection picked from the Monsters's own tape archive, mostly of songs not recorded elsewhere, including desk-recorded live tracks as well as their final studio demo from 1987. Twenty tracks, full sleevenotes, archive images in booklet.


1. No More
2. Dear
3. Before Your Eyes
4. Stupid
5. House Is Not a Home
6. When I Smile (live)
7. Where I Belong (live)
8. Hand Over Fist (live)
9. Partyline (live)
10. How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? (FBN cassette demo)
11. Kan Kill! (FBN cassette demo)
12. Systems Failing (live)
13. M/C (live)
14. Endless You (live)
15. Future
16. Copulation
17. Fairytales
18. Catch Me In Confusion
19. We Are Nation
20. Love Is a Dose (live)

Available on CD and download.

The Last One Back [LTMCD 2335]


"Stupid and House is Not a Home clock up brownie points in the 'what if?' department. Stupid is nagging and spooky, with a sustained noir-ish quality worthy of Josef K and icy keyboards, while House tackles destructive marital disharmony with Tony France answering his own vocals. Affecting" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 04/2002)