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Blaine L. Reininger \ Instrumentals [LTMCD 2341]

Instrumentals is a collection of non-vocal material recorded by Blaine L. Reininger between 1982-1987, and originally released by Les Disques du Crépuscule. Guests include Vini Reilly, Steven Brown, Mikel Rouse and Wim Mertens.


1. La Douleur
2. Contempt (Le Mepris)
3. La Belle Epoque
4. Les Choses de la Vie
5. Le Dernier Amant Romantique
6. Side Wind
7. The Sea Wall
8. Petite Piece Chinoise
9. Metallic Mosquitoes
10. Les Nuages
11. Travelling
12. Basso Pomade (orchestral)
13. Licorice Stick Ostinato (orchestral)
14. Music #2 (orchestral)
15. Bay Bridge

Available on CD and download. Liner notes.

Instrumentals [LTMCD 2341]


"Instrumentals is a miscellany of short pieces that reflect the spirit of his musical ideas through the years. It's a feast of appetizers, but that doesn't make them any less beautiful or haunting in their variety" (Option, 1991)

"Runs smoothly from the sentimental to the experimental - a polished and intriguing exploration of one man's many-faceted work" (USA Press, 1991)