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The Wake \ Holy Heads [LTMCD 2336]

This remastered CD features both albums recorded by The Wake for Sarah Records: Make It Loud (1991) and Tidal Wave of Hype (1994). Nineteen tracks, 72 minutes running time, revised artwork.


1. English Rain
2. Glider
3. Firestone Tyres
4. American Grotto
5. Joke Shop
6. Holy Head
7. Henry's Work
8. Cheer Up Ferdinand
9. Shallow End
10. Obnoxious Kevin
11. Crasher
12. Selfish
13. Provincial Disco
14. I Told You So
15. Britain
16. Back to Beyond
17. Solo Project
18. Down On Your Knees
19. Big Noise, Big Deal

Available on CD only.

Holy Heads [LTMCD 2336]


"The Sarah days were great days because The Wake appeared to have been freed from the shackles of caring any more" (In Love With These Times, 03/2002)

"With their Sarah albums, The Wake were making oddly personal political protest albums. What was always so great about the Sarah era Wake songs was that it was the sound of a band enjoying themselves. English Rain and Cheer Up Ferdinand were terrific, pounding pop gems, prickling with terrific keyboard riffs, like tinny Italo House pianos dubbed over naive electro New Wave" (Tangents, 02/2002)

"These two albums possess an innocence and tunefulness that is highly likeable" (Leonard's Lair, 06/2003)

"The Sarah-era Wake is significantly more polished, refined and - hey! - are they smiling in those pictures? It seems the clouds have cleared, and you're at a picnic with Felt and The Field Mice" (Othermusic, 03/2002)

"Plaintive, passionate and plangent, just like pop should be. It's simply perfect" (Melody Maker, 01/1991)