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Crispy Ambulance \ Frozen Blood [LTMCD 2327]

This archive collection by Crispy Ambulance includes both sides of the 10" single released on Factory (Fac 32), all eight tracks from both radio sessions for John Peel and Piccadilly Radio (transferred from the original master tapes), plus seven late-period live songs taped in 1982 but never studio recorded.

72 minutes of music. Detailed liner notes in CD booklet.


1. Not What I Expected
2. Deaf
3. Come On (Peel session)
4. Drug User/Drug Pusher (Peel session)
5. October 31st (Peel session)
6. Egypt (Peel session)
7. A Sense of Reason (Piccadilly session)
8. Eastern Bloc (Piccadilly session)
9. Concorde Square (Piccadilly session)
10. The Presence (Piccadilly session)
11. Headhunters (live)
12. Frozen Blood (live)
13. Turnbuckle (live)
14. The Gift of Danger (live)
15. Hollow Points (live)
16. The Grind (live)
17. Cult (rehearsal)

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Frozen Blood [LTMCD 2327]
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"Witness the driving Deaf or the improvised take on Grind, where trad-angst is eschewed for matters, dare I say, a little bit funky. The cauterising Gift of Danger meanwhile is as good an artifact of the band's experimental leanings as you'll find. A vibrant snapshot of Manchesters beating post-punk heart, this is stirring stuff" (City Life, 12/2000)

"A dry, earnest sound. They had their moments" (Q, 03/2001)