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Blaine L. Reininger \ Elektra/Radio Moscow [LTMCD 2482]

Two haunting instrumental soundtracks composed by Blaine for Elektra (2006), a play directed by Angela Brouskou for the Athens Festival, and Radio Moscow (1995), a film by Nicholas Triandafyllidis. Produced by Blaine L. Reininger and Gilles Martin.


1. House of Atreus
2. Orestes
3. Miroloyia
4. Khrysothemis
5. Third Stasimon
6. Prayer to Apollo
7. Paedagogus' Journey
8. Vengeance
9. Death of Klytemnestra
10. Death of Aegistos
11. Radio Moscow Theme
12. Night Ride
13. Portemanteau
14. Polar Orbit
15. Moscow Calling
16. Night Street/Lone Pianist
17. The Czar's Music Box
18. Arbat Cafe Orchestra
19. Bolshoi Bolshoi

Booklet features images and biography. 70 minutes of music.

Elektra/Radio Moscow [LTMCD 2482]


"The Elektra score leaves enough space for Reininger's imagination to roam, at one point producing some wild symphonic structures recalling Norwegian electronic mavericks Supersilent" (Paris TransAtlantic, 05/2007)