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Factory Benelux \ Section 25 \ Dark Light [FBN 145 CD]

Dark Light is the eighth studio album by post-punk trailblazers Section 25, Factory workers since 1979. Recorded in 2012, Dark Light is the first collection of new material since the tragic loss of founder Larry Cassidy in 2010, and signals a return to the smooth electro and synth-pop textures first explored on their 1984 album From the Hip. These echoes are amplified by the presence of co-vocalists Beth and Jo Cassidy, and a cover image by iconic artist/designer Peter Saville.

Much of Dark Light was produced in collaboration with remixer Derek Miller (aka Outernationale) and includes new versions of single tracks Colour Movement Sex & Violence and Inner Drive. Other stand-out cuts include future pop classic My Outrage, made available as a limited edition 7" single (7 FBN 62) to mark Record Store Day in April 2013. There are also two bonus tracks.


1. World's End
2. My Outrage
3. Pitch Black Box
4. Love Cuts
5. Colour Movement Sex & Violence
6. Inner Drive
7. 78
8. Letter to America
9. Memento
10. Early Exit
11. CMSV Dub Mix
12. Program for Light (Outernationale Mix)


"From Factory miserablists to house music progenitors, it's been quite a journey for Section 25. Collaborating with remixer Outernationale, this eighth album is full of unbridled joy with uplifting rhythms and clanging, surging synth textures. Post-punk, electro - call it what you will, this is the album of their lives. 9/10" (Vive le Rock, 03/2013)

"Many of today's austere electronic outfits owe them a considerable debt. Dark Light is disarmingly perky, with some cute production touches - the wasp-cloud synth swarming through World's End, for example, and the growling bass of Love Cuts" (The Wire, 04/2013)

"A belter of an album all about hope and moving on, and as wholesome and rewarding as their first" (Flipside, 01/2013)

Dark Light [FBN 145 CD]
My Outrage [7 FBN 62]

"Metamorphosing from the glummest, most dour group ever into progenitors of House, Blackpool's SXXV are, inevitably, one of the groups of this very post-punk moment" (Chris Bohn, The Wire magazine)