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Peter Principle \ Conjunction [LTMCD 2306]

Conjunction is the third solo album by Tuxedomoon bass wizard Peter Principle, originally released by LTM in 1990, on which psychedelic soundscapes and symbolist harmonics combine to deliver 13 scenic sonic sculptures. In addition to improv-based material, Peter further refined the compositional techniques developed with the aim of "describing tonic forms observed in some of my better dreams." Ranging from ambient to atonal, Conjunction represents a bold instrumental exploration of "the alchemy of environmental and temporal musical glyphs as well as musique concrete."


1. Choc Mol 1746
2. Day One
3. Day Two
4. Sphinx Variations
5. The Evening Country
6. Realm of Shades
7. The Pavillion
8. Maya
9. Ceremonial Polka
10. La Feu Vert
11. Jean-Louis and the Prodzj Gang
12. A Walk On Dinosaur Hill
13. Choc Moll Rotterdämmerung

CD and download runs for 67 minutes and includes a poster booklet.

Conjunction [LTMCD 2306]


"Might best be compared with Holgar Czukay's Movies or John Cage's HPSCHD. Clearly branching off from Tuxedomoon, this is bristling with references: Clair de Lune, movie dialogue snippets, ambient electronics, percussive marches, mechanical repetitions, Durutti-like drifts, sly allusions to 20th Century atonalism, even mutant disco" (The Wire, 07/2005)

"An ambitious aural dervish of moods and images" (Alternative Press, USA)

"Several layers deep - invites careful listening" (Option, USA)

"Fluent and wide-ranging, his tastes run to psychedelia, ambient sound, improv, musique concrete and New Wave electronica with a confident indifference to niche creation" (Whisperin' and Hollerin', 12/2005)