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Isabelle Antena \ Carpe Diem bis [LTMCD 2485]

Originally released on Les Disques du Crépuscule in November 1992 (in Japan and France only), Carpe Diem was recorded with musicians including Marco De Meersman (drums) and Fritz Sundermann (guitar) at Studio Caraibes in Brussels. The prevailing vibe is cool jazz, latin and bossa, and complements perfectly Isabelle's warm voice and soft, sensual lyrics.

All twelve tracks on Carpe Diem were produced by Isabelle herself and represent a personal affirmation of life and music, following the tragic death of her husband and musical partner Dirk Schoufs (of Vaya Con Dios). The song Corto Prend le Large is Isabelle's heartfelt tribute to Dirk.

The 66 minute remaster also includes all 10 tracks from her previous 1991 album, Les Derniers Guerriers Romantiques, recorded by Isabelle with Dirk and a team of crack jazz and bossa musicians.


1. Le Syndrome ee Peter Pan
2. Deux Enfants
3. L'Amour Eternel
4. Sous les Baobabs
5. Instant de Trac
6. Calife Blues
7. No Puedo Sin Ti
8. E Preciso Perdoar
9. Corto Prend le Large
10. Inspire-Moi
11. L'Inconnu Vers L'Infini
12. Quand Les Amants...
13. Jungle Zone
14. L'Amour Sauvage
15. Sur Ton Ile
16. I Love You Mr Hyde
17. Le Visiteur du Savoir
18. S'en Aller
19. La Ballade du Seigneur de la Guerre
20. Le Dernier Guerrier Romantique
21. Dans un Million d'Années
22. Aquarius


"Modern electro-samba, full of latin, bossa and jazz vibes that slot in easily with Antena's smooth, soft voice, complete with ten extra tracks from her previous album" (Record Collector, 03/2007)