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The Wake \ Assembly [LTMCD 2334]

This archive compilation by The Wake includes a BBC radio session recorded in January 1984 for the David Jensen show, along with eight live tracks desk-recorded at Ayr Pavilion on 15 April 1983 on tour with New Order, and both sides of two non-album singles recorded for Sarah, Crush the Flowers (1989) and Major John (1991). Booklet includes sleevenotes.


1. Talk About the Past (BBC session)
2. The Calender (BBC session)
3. Make You Understand (BBC session)
4. Rise and Shine (BBC session)
5. Host (live)
6. Recovery (live)
7. Uniform (live)
8. The Drill (live)
9. Heartburn (live)
10. Country of the Blind (live)
11. Something Outside (live)
12. The Old Men (live)
13. Crush the Flowers (from SARAH 21 7")
14. Carbrain (from SARAH 21 7")
15. Major John (from SARAH 48 7")
16. Lousy Pop Group (from SARAH 48 7")
17. Brit Mix (from SARAH 618 LP/CD)

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Assembly [LTMCD 2334]
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"Assembly is a fantastic record of a group playing with an awesome amount of measured confidence. The band sound taught, scratchy and dynamic" (Tangents, 02/2002)

"A raw, driving Wake in their infancy - beautiful" (Other Music, 03/2002)